Networking Course


Learn how to build and strengthen your network to generate opportunities and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Taught live by Francisco Santolo


Our achievements depend on others, who approve of us, validate us, collaborate with us, oppose us, set rules for us, exchange resources with us, or teach us what is necessary to reach our goals.

We are, in essence, cultural beings. We are what we learn from our relationships and from the knowledge of our contemporaries and ancestors.

Our dreams may be simple for other people to achieve. Without knowing it, each of us holds the keys (resources, talents or contacts) that enable the dreams of others.


Meet the teacher

Francisco Santolo
Francisco Santolo

Francisco Santolo

CEO de Scalabl

Mi nombre es Francisco Santolo, he co-fundado más de 50 empresas y estuve acompañando en la creación de otros 500 emprendimientos (leiste bien, ¡500!) en decenas de países, desde Asia y Europa hasta América Latina, pasando por Norteamérica.

¿Cómo se crean empresas en culturas tan diversas? Muy simple, sin importar el lugar del mundo, todos tenemos deseos, anhelos y heridas.

En la colaboración e intercambio para lograr eso que tanto anhelamos (y que la mayoría de las veces no compartimos) está el origen de estos emprendimientos.

Tanto es así que la gran mayoría de estos cientos de emprendimientos no surgieron en sofisticadas oficinas con expertos vestidos de traje analizando complejos reportes.

La mayoría de estos proyectos surgieron entre dos personas sentadas en un café, abriéndose y animándose a decir en voz alta (y muchos escuchándose a sí mismos decirlo por primera vez) lo que en verdad deseaban.

En la empatía del otro siempre se encuentra un camino mucho más corto a nuestro objetivos que el que nosotros mismos nos contamos.

Sólo después, aplicando la métodologia Scalabl, que enseño desde 2016 en nuestro Curso de Emprendimientos e Innovación, pasaron de proyectos a empresas consolidadas.

La metodología surgió de aplicar y perfeccionar las herramientas y conceptos aprendidos en las universidades más prestigiosas del mundo, donde decidí invertir mis ahorros para estudiar:

  • Stanford, la Universidad más reconocida por Innovación y Emprendimiento.
  • Harvard, quizá la mejor Universidad del mundo, donde me enfoqué en Gerencia General y Estrategia.
  • Kellogg, la mejor Universidad de Marketing del mundo.
  • El MIT, la mejor Universidad de Ingeniería y tecnología del mundo.
  • Chicago, la mejor Universidad de Economía del mundo.
  • Singularity, la Universidad más reconocida por su visión del futuro.

Luego de varios años viviendo como nómade digital, recorriendo más de 40 países y enseñando mis aprendizajes a miles de emprendedores en todo el mundo, puedo afirmar que no hay logro que escape de nuestra interacción con otras personas.

No hay logro individual. No hay manera de conseguir nada sin los otros. Nuestro capital social define quiénes somos, qué hacemos y lo que logramos. Y ese capital social puede construirse, a través del Networking.

Enseño en este curso todo lo aprendido y lo combino con la mejor literatura y herramientas del tema que existen hoy en el mundo. ¡Te espero!


About the course

100% online
1 session / 4 hours

Intensive theoretical and practical learning experience with the teacher and other participants.

Taught live on Zoom by Francisco Santolo

Connect from anywhere in the world and from any desktop or mobile device.

Networking theory + practice

Gain actionable insights and build connections that will pay off beyond the course.


Scalabl Networking Course®

  • ⋆ 100% online | Live on Zoom
  • ⋆ One 4-hour session with Francisco Santolo
  • ⋆ Networking theory + practice
  • Certificate of completion

Scalabl Networking

  • ⋆ 100% online | Live on Zoom
  • ⋆ One 4-hour session with Francisco Santolo
  • ⋆ Networking theory + practice
  • Certificate of completion


> Where lies the power to achieve what you set out to do?

> Joseph Henrich: culture and the collective brain as a driver of the evolution of the human species.

> The essence of achieving something

> What motivates our achievements?

> Make it possible through networking.

> Main characteristics of a business: model, value, map of actors.

> Entrepreneurship and Networking

> Ori Brafman: the spider and the starfish on the power of horizontal networks.

> Brian Uzzi & Shannon Dunlap: How to build your network. The founding article.

> Benefits of an active and diverse network: access to private information, skills and power.

> 3 key principles to avoid or pursue: self-similarity, proximity and shared activities.

> Givers, matchers and takers: Adam Grant's types.

> Transactional, non-transactional and give first relationships.

> Tools to map and diagnose the health of your network: Brian Uzzi + Claudina Restaino (Nutritive Links: Learning, Trust, Influence, Outreach, and Fun).

> Techniques to increase the social capital of your network from 1 coffee per day.

> The purpose as the north and axis of your networking strategy.

> Practical tools to deepen your goals

> Strategy: how to achieve our goals with the power of our network

> Directive or Non-Directive Approach?

> Identify your skills, resources and limitations.

> How can you help others? What do you have to give?

> What do you need help with? What can you ask for?

> Networking and active listening

> Curiosity, openness, diversity, respect, vulnerability.

> Be present and available to others and give first.

> Learning in humility vs. the ego trap.


Words of Scalabl Graduates and Graduates®

I had no doubt that the course would exceed my expectations. I was especially impressed by the human dimension of these tools; I had always thought of business as a cold discipline and Fran's vision of it is much more enriching for everyone and I share his values about it. The course helped me to see entrepreneurship in a different light and to break down preconceptions. Lastly, and above all, I wish to highlight the group. Being in a diverse group, where you have the opportunity to express yourself, be heard and grow by helping others. Infinite thanks!

María Soledad Ansaldi

A great experience both for the innovative content and for the contacts with my colleagues. Driving a business from a purpose and making it prosper through horizontal thinking, networking and collaboration is a great way to do it. Let me say this again: the exchange with other participants is super enriching. Thank you all, see you within the Scalabl® network!

Diego Janco

Business Development Manager at SwisSport & Entertainment. MBA Candidate

What this course has left me is precious. I emphasize above all the network. I have found wonderful people with whom to share the entrepreneurial path, from whom I have learned a lot and with whom an incredible synergy has emerged. I am happy to have participated in this program!

Romina Robles

Founder at Buenas Ideas

What caught my attention the most about the course is strategic networking, the fact that we can effectively relate to others by giving first, in a non-transactional way, and offering solutions to their pains. I recommend this course to all entrepreneurial millennials as it will surely help them achieve their goals.

Raul Tengana Aux

Director of Coffee Break Club at Ramada Café


Scalabl Networking Course®

  • ⋆ 100% online | Live on Zoom
  • ⋆ One 4-hour session with Francisco Santolo
  • ⋆ Networking theory + practice
  • Certificate of completion

Scalabl Networking

  • ⋆ 100% online | Live on Zoom
  • ⋆ One 4-hour session with Francisco Santolo
  • ⋆ Networking theory + practice
  • Certificate of completion