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Begins November 4

USD 350 20% off

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What’s included in the course?

Scalabl Course

Online Course in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Begins November 4

  • ⋆ More than 120 videos
  • ⋆ Two live classes with Francisco
  • ⋆ Downloadable templates and resources
  • ⋆ Interaction with other participants
  • ⋆ Access to the Scalabl Global Community
  • ⋆ Graduation certificate

USD 350 20% off

What will you learn in the course?

Meet your teacher

Meet your teacher

Francisco Santolo, CEO of Scalabl, is an economist and MBA, with postgraduate studies in prestigious universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Singularity, Kellogg and MIT; recognized in 2017 by Forbes magazine as “The Startup Hacker''. He has co-founded more than 50 companies, worked for multinational corporations and helped create more than 500 startups with Scalabl.

Francisco Santolo
Universities where Francisco Santolo graduated

What skills will you graduate with?

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The management of a simple and actionable 5-step methodology, ranging from business generation to sales.

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Understand your clients through observation and listening, clearly recognizing their pains and desires to provide powerful solutions.

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Learn to collaborate and grow as a network by contributing to 1500 entrepreneurs and businessmen in 50 countries.


  • A Peek into the History of Scalabl
  • First Cornerstone: Continuous Learning
  • Second Cornerstone: Networking, Relationships and Giving First

  • Horizontal Networks
  • What Are Exponential Technologies?
  • The 6D's
  • Internet of Things, Brain and Cloud
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Why Did Corporations Emerge?
  • The Nike Effect and the Power of Outsourcing
  • Own Intangibles and You Will Be Wealthy
  • Future, Technologies and Communities

  • Exponential Technologies + Investment + Unique Idea
  • Stages of Funding: Friends, Family and Fools
  • Stages of Funding: Incubators
  • Stages of Funding: Angel Investors
  • Stages of Funding: Venture Capital
  • Stages of Funding: Accelerators
  • The Myth About Unicorns and Scaling Your Business Fast

  • Defining Innovation
  • Introduction to the Innovator’s Dilemma
  • Sustaining and Disruptive Innovation
  • Technological and Business Model Disruption: Kodak and Netflix
  • Corporate Strategies to Avoid Being Blindsided by Disruption
  • Entrepreneurs and Disruption: Gartner's Hype Cycle
  • How Can Entrepreneurs Reap the Benefits of Disruption
  • Appendix: Blue Ocean Strategy

  • The Two Ways of Learning
  • Our Methodology and Customer Centricity
  • Purpose
  • Strategy
  • The Steps and Tools of Our Methodology
  • Business Model
  • Problem Interview
  • Solution Interview
  • Sales Materials
  • Sales Roadmaps
  • Firing the Founder
  • Overview of the Scalabl Methodology

  • What Does Investment Mean?
  • Economic Risk
  • Financial Risk
  • Scalable Volume and Hidden Costs and Assets Risk
  • The Rules for a Scalabl Virtuous Business Model Distilled from Financial Statements

  • Introduction to Scalabl’s Virtuous Business Models
  • Learn to Draw the Scalabl Virtuous Business Model Canvas
  • Purpose
  • Product / Market Fit
  • Channels
  • Revenue Model
  • Activities and Resources
  • Costs
  • The Scalabl Virtuous BM Canvas and the Relationship to Others
  • The Scalabl Virtuous BM Canvas + Scalabl Rules
  • The Scalabl Virtuous BM Canvas: Where to Start?
  • Applying the Scalabl BM Canvas to Alumni-Owned Companies + Key Exercise

  • Identify Your Ideal Customer
  • How Many Customers Do I Need?
  • Willingness to Pay, Value and Price
  • How to Benefit from Using These Tools

  • Delimit the Segment for the Interviews
  • Generating the Interview
  • Powerful Tips for the Problem Interview
  • Problem Interview Role Play
  • Example of the Work Done with Problem Interviews by a Graduate
  • Living in Problem Interview Mode

  • Have the Customer Design the Product
  • Why Entrepreneurs Confuse the MVP – Steve Blank
  • What Are We Not Seeing?
  • Solution Interview: Testing the Solution and Its Price
  • Best MVPs of All Time
  • Living in Solution Interview Mode

  • Introduction to Sales Materials and Branding
  • Useful Tools to Create Sales Materials
  • Landing Page
  • Landing Page – Examples of Scalabl Alumni-Owned Companies

  • Who to Sell to (or Not to Sell to)
  • (Re)Discovering Sales: The Unsellable Marker
  • So What Are Sales?
  • Designing Sales Roadmaps
  • The “Gecko!” Moment and 5 Tools for Life

  • Continuous Learning and Network
  • Online Community
  • Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It teaches how to reconcile your professional development with your personal purpose, achieving a better balance between your life and your work.
  • It teaches how to build business models without the need of initial investment and avoiding financial and economic risks.
  • It teaches why the development of the idea or the product loses more and more importance in relation to the development of the client.
  • It teaches how to find the right consumer in a new way, with alternatives to traditional segmentation by demographic or socioeconomic factors.
  • It teaches you how to price your products by knowing how to identify the value perceived by your customers.
  • It teaches you how and when to develop sales and branding materials to start promoting your products or services.
  • It teaches how to generate predictable and repeatable sales that multiply every dollar of cost of sales.
  • It teaches you to identify the business opportunities brought about by the constant change and uncertainty of today's world.

The Scalabl course is online and, although it is an individual learning experience, throughout it, you get to share and interact with the group of participants who are members of the same edition in which each one participates.

All the participants of the edition have access to the content platform on the same day, each one advances at their own pace and, at graduation, they all finish the course on the same day. Graduation is done in this way so that the participants of the edition join the Scalabl Global Community together.

Once the course has started, you access an on-demand platform, where you will find a curated selection of recorded videos taken from all the courses given by Francisco around the world. They are short videos, very agile to watch, with concrete and actionable concepts, and available 24x7 from any device, to advance at your own pace.

You have one month to watch the video content. Access is asynchronous, that is, it can be done at any time and from anywhere during the course time.

There are more than 120 lessons with recorded videos of the best Scalabl courses around the world, accompanied by explanations, practical exercises, discussions, animations and case analysis, and suggestions for supplementary material.

In addition, there are two 2-hour live online classes with Francisco Santolo, founder of Scalabl, and María Paula Russo, General Director, to address the theory and practice the tools of the methodology.

You will learn our methodology to create or reformulate companies and acquire a culture of innovation.

You will discover how to design a business from its conception, starting from the design of a business model to the last sales phase.

You will be able to apply and exercise all the theory learned on your project, startup, SME, or corporation.

You will acquire the intellectual, relational, and emotional tools necessary to do business, always with a focus on your purpose.

The actual price of the course is USD 350. For these days we are giving a 20% discount, so the price is USD 280.

Payment is made through Stripe.

Who teaches the classes? All courses are given by Francisco Santolo, founder and CEO of Scalabl. Francisco is an economist and MBA, with studies at prestigious universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Singularity, Kellogg, and MIT; recognized in 2017 by Forbes magazine as the "Startup Hacker".

After 12 years of corporate experience, in 2016 he founded Scalabl, a global company specialized in Business Management, Innovation, and leader in Disruptive Entrepreneurship with the aim of being able to share his tools in business vision.

Five years after its creation, Francisco lives as a digital nomad and travels the world providing training and business consulting to individuals and large companies and strengthening the links of the global community of professionals, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and investors that are part of Scalabl.

At Scalabl we focus on relationships, networking, and generating genuine links. Therefore, in the online course, all participants start classes on the same day and graduate on the same day.

Collaboration, discussion of learned topics, and joint work in applying the tools to the companies are encouraged, receiving diverse and enriching visions. Permanent interaction arises through the platform's forum, our Facebook group and the course's Whatsapp group.

The platform is open for one month, during which, being an executive program, the only graduation requirement is to finish all video content.

The content is divided in 12 units with different sections focused on the different topics. The course requires between 3 and 4 hours per week to view the content, read some of the supplementary materials and do the exercises. We recommend having some time for networking, to share video calls with other participants, and to meet and interact with people from all over the world.

Yes, at the end of the course you will receive a diploma that will certify that you have completed the Online Course on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Scalabl Online.

You acquire a free membership to be part of the Scalabl Global Community. An international network with more than 1500 graduates in over 50 countries, who share daily interaction spaces, networking events and exclusive classes on a regular basis.

Scalabl Course

Online Course in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Begins November 4

  • ⋆ More than 120 videos
  • ⋆ Two live classes with Francisco
  • ⋆ Downloadable templates and resources
  • ⋆ Interaction with other participants
  • ⋆ Access to the Scalabl Global Community
  • ⋆ Graduation certificate

USD 350 20% off