You don't need an idea to start a business

Francisco Santolo on Radio Continental: The Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

Radio Interview

In this segment of Radio Continental, Dominique Metzger tells stories of people who do something positive and go out to find a dream or fulfill a desired project. 

In this case, he was talking to Francisco Santolo, founder and CEO of Scalabl. Francisco tells of his journey as an entrepreneur over the years, from a chat room he created as a child, through a journey in multinational companies, to realizing his dream of founding a company to help people through his own methodology. During this journey, he faced challenges and changes that contributed to his personal and professional growth and that today lead to Scalabl, a company with a presence in more than twenty cities around the world where Executive Business Training programs are offered for professionals and consultants.

Francisco highlights the place of the other and the importance we should give to others: helping and providing value has many more benefits than we think, what we give comes back multiplied. In addition, he assures that to be an entrepreneur is much easier than it seems, anyone can do it and make it possible by having a purpose, having tools, and encouraging continuous learning.